FAQs -Frequently Asked Questions

Does Skilled Volunteers for Israel cover the volunteer’s living or travel expenses?
No, these costs must be covered by the volunteer.

Is any stipend paid by the non-profit or Skilled Volunteers for Israel?
The experience is strictly on a volunteer basis and at this time, no funding is available for stipends.

What is the typical work schedule for a volunteer assignment?
Work schedules will vary as each assignment is established through a matching process with the organization based upon the organization’s needs and volunteer’s schedule and availability. Remember, that the work week in Israel begins on Sunday and usually does not include Friday.

Why must I provide medical information to Skilled Volunteers for Israel and have my physician sign off on my volunteer experience?
Skilled Volunteers for Israel asks for a physician to sign the medical release as part of our screening process for the Israeli non-profit organizations that volunteers are in good physical and mental health for their volunteer assignments.  Good health is a critical component of building the foundation for a successful volunteer experience.

We ask for the medical information form so that in case of emergency related to injury or illness, Skilled Volunteers for Israel can provide the appropriate Israeli medical personnel with basic information regarding your health, including medications taken, current and prior medical conditions.  Your information is kept by the Israel Volunteer Coordinator and is not shared with anyone else unless as needed in a medical emergency.

How do I find housing?
Although Skilled Volunteers for Israel cannot take responsibility for volunteer’s housing, we do make an effort to provide useful assistance in the housing search process.  We have found multiple resources to web-based housing rental sites that feature short term and/or vacation rentals.  We can provide support and assistance in answering questions related to housing costs and neighborhoods.  We are able to help you understand the terms and conditions associated with rentals.  If needed, we can make arrangements to visit the apartment or room you are interested in renting to provide you with our feedback on the condition and location of the space.

The final responsibility for finding and securing housing rests with you, the volunteer. But we can and do provide support and guidance in helping you navigate the housing search process.


If you have a question that does not appear on the FAQ, please send an email to mgamoran@skillvolunteerisrael.org or use our comments section.  We welcome your questions!
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