About Us

*Our Mission*

Skilled Volunteers for Israel matches experienced professionals with meaningful skilled volunteer opportunities in Israel. We link the professional expertise of North Americans Jews with the critical needs of the Israeli non-profit sector through limited term volunteer engagements.  Volunteers have already served as English tutors, accountants, grant writers and medical triage in a refugee clinic.

*Who We Are*
Skilled Volunteers for Israel began when founder Marla Gamoran sought a volunteer experience for herself, aged 52, and was surprised to find that no framework for baby boomer volunteering for non-residents in Israel existed.  Not one to let such a need go unfilled, Marla founded “Skilled Volunteers for Israel” and is building the network to facilitate volunteer opportunities for skilled volunteers and Israeli non-profits.

Our volunteers are retired and working professionals, academics and teachers who seek to make an impact by volunteering with the spirit of civic participation and community service.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel Board of Directors meets three times a year.

*What We Do*

* Connect volunteers to customized volunteer placements in Israel
* Promote service and volunteerism among Jewish adults
*Educate and train on effective volunteer strategies
* Support Israeli non profit organizations seeking volunteer resources to add capacity, meet specialized needs and integrate new volunteer capabilities