Volunteer Testimonials

Stanley Wolf, Boston MA

“Working with Skilled Volunteers for Israel was an extraordinary experience. Their professionalism and effort matched me with a volunteer opportunity that added meaning to my time in Israel and provided a wonderful work environment but also allowed me the opportunity to tour and visit relatives.”

Stanley volunteered with the Oral History project at Hebrew University in Jerusalem stan wolf at oral history project




Joan Lurie, New York, NY
Satellite Imagery Consultant, Volunteered with the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and the Israel Antiquities Authority

“All in all, my experience was positive – I loved finding out about all the work on environment and sustainability that is happening in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. I will continue to advocate for these efforts here in NYC as I help the Interfaith Center’s Director, Rabbi Neril and his colleagues, seek partners for a Faith and Science initiative with the goal of raising awareness of the environmental crisis facing us all.

Marla and Judy did a fantastic job in finding an assignment in the area of sustainability that matched my skills and interests. In addition, they arranged for me to lecture at the Israel Antiquities Authority which enriched my experience in Israel.”

Lionel Rabie meets with Microfy Staff

Lionel Rabie, London UK
Restaurant Manager, HIV Prevention Expertise, Amateur Photographer.  Volunteered at Microfy, Maaglei Tzedek and Aids Task Force

“When I came across Skilled Volunteers for Israel (SVFI) I had already done voluntary work in the UK for a number of years and finding fulfilling work that fitted into the framework of a charity was challenging enough without distance and the language issue.  SVFI made it possible! Marla Gamoran is a wonderful woman – she has a step-by- step approach to ensure your skills and interests are matched with potential needs of charities. At the same time SVFI prepares you for the realities of the challenge ahead and also offers support throughout the process.

I can say while excited I was also nervous about the experience however SVFI was a great support throughout the entire process. I would recommend this experience to anyone with a sense of adventure and a willingness to blend in with what exists will get a feel of the real Israel and its diverse people. It has been one of the happiest times of my life so thank you Skilled Volunteers for Israel – you facilitated the process. I would recommend you to people looking to have such an experience.”

Lois Koteen shares her expertise with Shutaf

Lois Koteen, West Hartford, CT
Organizational Development Consultant, Facilitated a strategic planning process as a volunteer at Shutaf

“It was a fabulous experience. I could have not have asked for a better placement. Shutaf has been very open to change. In four short weeks they were able to develop a path that would move the organization forward in a planful way. They worked incredibly hard and it was wonderful to watch their progress. I am so grateful to have been part of their growth.”

Introducing Attorney Jack Copelovici to the Megama Yeruka Team

Jack Copelovici, Toronto, Canada
Attorney volunteered with Megama Yeruka.

“Skilled Volunteers for Israel serves a very important function in developing the relationship between Israel and the Diaspora; for those who wish to make a serious contribution to Israel and at the same time developing their personal and professional skills, I would recommend Skilled Volunteers as the place to try.”


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