Application Process and Fees

Start your volunteer experience by selecting from one of the Volunteer Projects or Customizing Your Own.  Complete our online inquiry form to initiate the volunteer process.

Upon completion of the inquiry form,  Skilled Volunteers for Israel will schedule your telephone interview.

The interview is a required step in the volunteer placement process whether you prefer to select from the available volunteer projects or opt to customize your volunteer position.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel charges a registration fee.  Payment of the $180 application fee is required after the telephone interview to initiate the volunteer matching and placement process.

Please note that a background check is required to volunteer.

Our volunteer placement process will match each candidate’s experience with the needs of an Israeli non-profit or educational organization.  As a volunteer, you can have input into the final placement position design.

To finalize placement, volunteers must:

  • Complete and submit the Skilled Volunteers for Israel application (see below for link to application forms)
  • Submit two letters of recommendation
  • Provide proof of medical insurance
  • Pay placement fee

We generally recommend a minimum time commitment of one month to volunteer. Some positions require a longer stay.

Skilled Volunteers for Israel ….

  • interviews and screens volunteers to ensure a successful and meaningful volunteer experience
  • matchs the volunteer’s skills and interests to specific projects and organizations
  • develops a detailed volunteer position description
  • prepares for volunteering with materials and orientation
  • supports pre-departure preparation
  • provides a Welcome Kit and in-country support throughout volunteer experience

Volunteer is responsible for: Housing, flight, insurance and personal expenses

Downloadable Application for volunteer placement
Skilled Volunteers for Israel Application Procedure fall.2013


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