Engliyada – Informal English Tutoring for Adults

engliyadaA Partnership Together initiative, Engliyada provides an opportunity for volunteers to provide informal English language instruction to Yerucham adults and teens.  Get to know Miami’s partnership city and form lasting relationships with the people of Yerucham.

Cleveland, Tulsa, Milwaukee and St. Paul have participated in Engliyada programs within their partnership regions.  Now Miami residents have the opportunity to participate in Miami’s partnership community of Yerucham.

Connect with Israelis who want to learn and improve their English and get an up close and personal view of Israel, too. Knowledge of Hebrew and teaching experience is helpful but not necessary. Training is provided.

Engliyada is an taught in an interactive environment.  The program is intended to give Israelis the opportunity to improve their spoken English proficiency.  Designed for people who love to travel and experience new cultures and like to learn and teach others, Engliyada does not require volunteers to be professional teachers or teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL).

Teaching Commitment
1.5 hour blocks, three nights/week with a 15 minute break each session.

Your Responsibility as an Engliyada Teacher:

  • Full participation in all pre-departure training sessions (schedule TBD).
  • Prepare lesson material for each session.  Time is allotted within the Volunteer in the Desert schedule for preparation.
  • Share classroom experience with other teachers to learn from each other.
  • Use your creativity and openness to new experience to make the class fun for you and the participants.
  • Share your experience when you return to Miami
  • Share materials with your team.
  • Attend events and programs planned by our Israeli partners
  • Participate in after-class meetings to enhance the teaching experience and build team spirit!

Volunteers are responsible for making and paying for flights.  Transportation to and from Yerucham will be provided and is included in the program cost.

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