Volunteer Opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities are available and seeking skilled volunteers.  If you are interested in applying please complete our intake form and we can start the match process. This list does not represent all the organizations with whom volunteer matches can be made.  If you are interested in one of these opportunities, complete our volunteer inquiry form to begin the matching process.  Questions can be emailed to info@skillvolunteerisrael.org

A social service non-profit in Nahariya is seeking social workers, psychologists, teachers to work with children in trauma.  In addition to individuals, they are interested in forming a group of professionals willing to be trained and would be prepared to travel to Nahariya to support children and families in time of war or other crisis.

Photographers and Videographers.  Multiple non-profit organizations are seeking volunteer photographers willing to photograph for the organizations’ to use for websites, reports, fundraising and newsletters.  Times are flexible.

Event Planning, Marketing and Publicity. A Jerusalem based non profit working with Down’s Syndrome children is hosting an international conference in Jerusalem in December and is seeking volunteers to assist with English marketing materials and event planning.  400 – 500 professionals, parents, support workers and children will be attending this event which is held in Israel every 10 years.

Public Relations.
Help a Tel Aviv based non -profit with their public relations work targeted to their overseas (English speaking) supporters.  The organization is seeking assistance in developing and refining its outreach strategies as well as building greater awareness about the organization’s programs, activities and community impact.  This project includes identifying appropriate press and contact distribution networks as well as writing publicity materials.

Is your organization interested in a skilled volunteer? Contact us today.