Oral History Project

Put your research and writing skills to a test working with a team of researchers and archivists on an oral history project based at Hebrew University. Volunteers needed for work in archive that includes tagging, scanning, cataloging large collection of testimonials and documents. For those interested in WWII who have excellent writing skills, the project can also use individuals to read and abstract interviews often of a highly emotional content. Native or fluent English required, ability to work independently and finished must be of high quality and not require editing by staff. If you speak and read German, Polish or Hungarian and can write an abstract in English, this project is a wonderful volunteer opportunity. Time and commitment flexible. (for office use only: 10HUOHWR)

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One Response to Oral History Project

  1. The Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA) is seeking a volunteer who can research and write (in English) a history of the IFLA and micro-lending (interest free loans-gemachim) in Israel.The volunteer will be working with Prof. Eliezer Jaffe, founder and President of IFLA. Please see http://www.freeloan.org.il This nonprofit organization was founded in1990 and has issued $160 million in interest free loans to needy, low income, working poor Israelis throughout Israel.

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