Youth Mentor Project – Sderot

Volunteers needed to work in a development town to develop youth leaders to help the town rebuild educationally, socially and professionally.  Each summer this youth leadership program focuses on developing the community’s new leaders.  Volunteers are needed to work as youth mentors, to help with project logistics, to staff computer learning and technical labs and to provide additional support to the English room. A commitment of one month is required.

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One Response to Youth Mentor Project – Sderot

  1. Barry J. Corn says:

    I am interested in volunteering in Israel this summer. I am most interested in the
    Youth Mentoring Project.

    My background is:

    1. youth sports coordinator for children ages 3-15
    teaching sports and physical education to students K-8th grade

    2. Youth Athletics Coach (basketball and soccer) for children 11/12 yrs of age

    3. Certified Educator (middle grades social science and health and physical education

    4. Experience working with children ages 7-15 during summer camp

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