Marketing & Outreach Development and Support – Tel Aviv

Put your English language writing skills to work at this Tel Aviv based non profit focused on serving disadvantaged youth and neighbourhood development.  This organization seeks experienced marketers, writers, outreach experts to work with their staff team on annual report development, public relations and marketing materials.  Materials are used by donors, funders and general marketing to English speakers outside of Israel.   The organization can use additional expertise in developing its press and contact distribution networks and English writing of general publicity materials.  A commitment of one month is required and this position would require 6-10 hours per week of volunteer time.

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One Response to Marketing & Outreach Development and Support – Tel Aviv

  1. Lionel fhima says:

    I am a canadian born citizen who made aliyah 5 years ago and would like to help out jewish israelis.
    I hold an MBA in finance and have a lot of free time.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply

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